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Why Voices On Display?

Voices on Display is a website creation and hosting service for voice actors by voice actors.
As a voice actor, one of the most important aspects of starting your own business...  that's right, YOUR business, is to create an online presence.

Your website is the single most important thing you can have to represent your voiceover business.
It is your digital business card: it signifies who you are, it presents materials to potential clients and agencies, it offers means of contact, and most importantly... it represents your brand.

Your brand portrays you and your ideals; your website is a big part of that.

The ideal online presence will make you stand out from the rest and be memorable, while still being easy to navigate.  It should provide prospective clients with the information they need in an efficient manner.

We can help you create a website that meets your personal needs.  One that represents you and your unique voice.  We offer reasonable rates because we understand that embarking on a new journey like voiceover acting can be very overwhelming.  Even if you are an established actor, the complexities of hosting, designing, creating, and updating a website can be intimidating on its own.

Let us take the pressure off of you, so you can focus on what's most important...  your voiceover business.

What we do

We provide a full suite of services and we've got everything you need to get your site (and your business) up and running.

  • Naming for your voiceover business and domain registration/management.
  • Creation of a tailored online presence for your voiceover business.
  • Hosting for your online presence, pictures
    and audio files.
  • IMAP E-Mail accounts to keep your inbox organized.
  • Maintenance and backup services to keep your online presence secure and up-to-date.
  • Do you have any other questions?
    Feel free to reach out, we are always available!

Combine our services according to your needs by choosing any of our following packages...  or build your own!

"All The Small Things"

 Online presence  +   Maintenance

If you already have a domain and hosting service for your voiceover business, then you are almost ready!  Choose our "All The Small Things" package and let us "carry you home". This package includes a year of non-structural changes.

"I Wanna Rock"

 Online presence  +   Hosting  +   E-Mail

This package includes creation of your personalized website, hosting provided by us, and email setup using your domain.  "So I only have one thing I can say to you... you wanna rock!"

"I Want to Break Free"

 Naming/Domain  +   Online presence  +   Hosting  +   E-Mail

Choose this package if you need a personalized website, domain registration, hosting services, and email setup.  
Because we know you want to break free from technical headaches.

"I Want It All"

 Naming/Domain  +   Online presence  +   Hosting  +   E-Mail  +   Maintenance  +   Backup

This is our all-inclusive package with personalized website, domain, hosting, email, maintenance AND backup services!  You put the cherry on top, because "you want it all, and you want it now!" (erm...  please don't expect it now...  but we promise we'll turn it around as quickly as possible!)

We are always available for you!  If you have questions about our packages OR you would like to build your own customized flavor, feel free to contact us!

Have a look at our work!

Our goal at Voices On Display is to provide you with a visually attractive, easy-to-navigate and reasonably priced online presence for your voice.  Here you will find some examples of our work:

Brian Roberts :: VO Talent

Gary Jackson
(fictional) -


Ian Hendricks
VO Talent and Lead Singer
(fictional) -


Frequently Asked Questions

I would like you to make my website,
what's the next step?

That's awesome news!
We will ask you to fill an onboarding questionnaire to gather some basic information about you and how you would like to present your brand.
We will then have a meeting so we can get to know you better.  This will also provide us an opportunity to ask any questions that might help us give you the best product.

How long will the process take?

The time to deliver a completed website can vary.
There will be some information and materials that we will need from you (texts, audio clips, pictures...) in order to start working on your project.  In addition we will also take time to review a "rough draft" of the website so you can see the progress and make any necessary adjustments.
The amount of structural changes and how quickly you're able to provide the necessary material for your site, will all be factors in how long it will take to deliver the final product.

What are non-structural charges?

Non-structural changes include any modifications to your website that do not require updates to the overall design and layout of your page.
Edits to contact information, audio clips, pictures, social media information, and any others that are deemed regular and dynamic are considered non-structural changes.
If you want to re-brand or make a structural change to your website (once the final product has been delivered), please contact us for a quote.

Will you custom build my website?

To create your website, we will use a set of templates (whether licensed under Creative Commons or paid templates) that you can choose from as the base of your page.
After your template is chosen, we can make modifications to suit your vision.  These templates are completely customizable and we can end up with a finished product that looks vastly different from the original template.
This allows us to provide a solid foundation, offer faster turnaround times, while also giving you a completely unique feel to your site.

What is creative commons?

Quoted from creativecommons.org:  Creative Commons is a global nonprofit organization that enables sharing and reuse of creativity and knowledge through the provision of free legal tools.
Our legal tools help those who want to encourage reuse of their works by offering them for use under generous, standardized terms; those who want to make creative uses of works; and those who want to benefit from this symbiosis.
Our vision is to help others realize the full potential of the internet.  Creative Commons has affiliates all over the world who help ensure our licenses work internationally and who raise awareness of our work.
If you have any other questions about Creative Commons, please visit https://www.creativecommons.org

What advantages does a template have?

A template gives us the benefit of providing a solid foundation to build your online presence from, while also giving you a quicker turnaround time for you to receive your completed website.
We have a huge variety of templates for you to choose from, which will be customized to your unique brand and values.

Do templates have limitations?

Templates can be completely customized, so you do not have to worry that your website will look like someone else's.
Templates are pre-designed and we can use them under the Creative Commons licensing.  If you have another template that you would rather use as the base of your site, just let us know.

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Needing more information about our services and rates?

Then do not hesitate to contact us, we will be very pleased to help you!